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Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system. Most of them consist of hydrogen and helium gases. There are 16 known satellites. It has an important place in astrology. It is used as a name for days in different languages.


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Jupiter, known as the father of Gods in mythology, is a power that gives abundance, pleasure and wealth. In astrology, this planet is considered to be the greatest helper, the most beneficent force. Jupiter is the planet of Chance, giving abundance to everything it touches. It gives plenty of space for the houses it passes through on the star map. Jupiter’s position on the birth map indicates the person’s fondness for pleasure.


Jupiter Asset manages wealth and material gains. It also brings opinion, optimism, faith, loyalty, justice, confidence, and wisdom. Jupiter shows the development of your head and things. For this reason, issues such as religion, philosophy, trade, and economics are subject to Jupiter.


Jupiter, which is larger than the sum of all the planets in the solar system (except the sun, it is a star), is called the planet of abundance. By drawing a large picture, you want to think about everything.

Sometimes it causes you to make philosophy by searching for deeper meanings about the house where Jupiter passes. Education supports especially vocational education. Distant journeys are also part of the training House and you can travel away for a variety of reasons when it is activated on your Jupiter map.

Jupiter governs liver and the pituitary gland in the body. Astrological manager of Sagittarius. He completes his tour in Zodiac in 12 years and distributes his luck to burqa for a year.

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