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Today’s Scorpio daily horoscope 10/02/2019

Your mood is Envious.

Your compatibility horoscope is taurus.

Your lucky number is 98.

Your lucky time is 2 am.

Your lucky color is Brown .

Scorpio daily horoscope comment is Rigid, narrow thinking has no place in your life today. If you try to stick to a strict routine, you’ll find yourself challenged to break out of it at every turn. And if you try to use traditional methods in what you do, you’ll find yourself confronted by ideas that may seem radical. Embrace these ideas! They’re worth exploring — if only to prove their value in whatever you’re trying to do.

Your wellness level is 94% percent.

Your intellectual perspective is 71% percent.

Your love point is 79% percent.

Your emotions degree is 13% percent.

Your intuition is 69% percent.

Your creativity level is 62% percent.

Your work performance is 43% percent.

Your possibility of winning money is 15% percent.

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