Today’s Virgo daily horoscope 02/02/2019

Your mood is Depressed.

Your compatibility horoscope is gemini.

Your lucky number is 56.

Your lucky time is 7 pm.

Your lucky color is FloralWhite .

Virgo daily horoscope comment is Lots of people are in a freewheeling, experimental mood today. They’re letting their minds roam. But you might easily react against their philosophies and actually narrow your own thinking. That’s not a good thing! Broad-ranging ideas are favored now. If a new concept makes you uncomfortable, that’s an indication that you should explore it further. Make the unfamiliar become familiar. That should be your goal.

Your wellness level is 94% percent.

Your intellectual perspective is 9% percent.

Your love point is 100% percent.

Your emotions degree is 1% percent.

Your intuition is 25% percent.

Your creativity level is 73% percent.

Your work performance is 55% percent.

Your possibility of winning money is 75% percent.

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