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Today, thousands of applications and websites on the internet, people from all over the world communicate with each other. In the years we met with the internet, MSN Messenger, Mirc, and my space, many chat programs have been communicating with. Then in the years of developing technology and changing human habits with different programs, applications have met. What kind of innovation will we face in the coming years? It’s about curiosity.
But today, the video chat system, which is rapidly popular with Omegle, has allowed one-touch chat with someone at the other end of the world. And new features have been added to these applications. Now we will talk about Tinychat, one of the most popular web-based applications.

Tinychat Live chat rooms
Tinychat Live chat rooms

How “Tinychat” Works?

Online video chat with Tinychat

Tinychat is an online video chat community. Allows people to video chat with each other. But “Tinychat” also features many different features from applications such as Omegle, Chatroulette, Ometv. The same equipment used in Video Chat sites also applies to Tinychat. It is based on a chat with other people by transmitting audio and video. The most important feature of Tinychat, unlike other web-based sites, does not have a random video chat feature

tinychat-Online chat panel
Tinychat-Online chat panel

You can register for Tinychat free of charge. But it is not 100% free. You need to make in-site purchases to open the room. Send gifts, Conference registration, resolution and some other options you need to buy Coin for

Tinychat-Buy Coins
Tinychat-Buy Coins

What are the features of Tinychat?

Tinychat is an online video chat community. The most important feature is that you can create your own chat room. The features of Tinychat are as follows.

1.Promote a Room

Tiny chat a must log in via Facebook. After completing the login process, you will be assigned a nickname. You can meet people in a chat room created earlier. Or you can introduce a room of your own. Click ın Promote a Room “. The incoming window advises you to direct you to a room or purchase 500 Coins and create a new room. If you want to pay $ 4.99 you can create a Chat room.

tinychat-promote a room
Tinychat-promote a room


2.Tinychat Virtual Store

You can send the fun gifts in Tinychat s virtual store to your friends or the users you want to meet. Gifts such as Romantic, Casual, Gold, Sports, Animal can be delivered to friends for specific coins

Tinychat-Virtual Store
Tinychat-Virtual Store

3. Live Directory

In addition, you can enter the Live Directory Tab if you want to chat with people without paying money. This section has 3 different chat areas. All, People Near You and Most Gifted. You can start chatting in any room

Tinychat-Live Directory
Tinychat-Live Directory

4.Upgrade Now

Tniychat-upgrate now
Tinychatupgrade now

How to Chat on Tinychat?

You can join one of the thousands of chat rooms found here. You can only be viewed as an audience in your first chat room. You must press Start Broadcast ”in the panel to participate in the conversation. Of course, if the owner of the room has allowed for foreigners. In the chat panel, you can control the voice of the user you want, send the gift, report the misuse.

Number of Users1.500.000
Countries of UseCroatia/Lithuanian/Saint Helena/Tunisian/Bosnia and Herzegovina/
Group ChatYes
RemunerationPaid Services Available
Anonymous ChatYes
Filter OptionYes

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